Supporting Interfaith Peace Projects in Egypt


The model village used as a backdrop to both films

The model village used as a backdrop to both films

When we developed our two films for children affected by the conflict in Syria, a number of participants from Egypt attended our first workshop in the region with an aim of using the programme both with Syrian refugees in their country, and local populations.

Political upheaval over recent years has impacted widely on livelihoods in Egypt. At the same time, tensions have developed along ethnic and religious lines in certain parts of the country which have occasionally spiraled into open hostility between the Muslim majority and ethnic minorities.

Last year the country entered a particularly violent phase and a State of Emergency was imposed. In August, churches and schools were targeted in parts of the country and many destroyed.

Our local partners believe that this programme can significantly support children whose lives have been turned upside down by this conflict, and challenge thinking around difference and similarity. No Strings has now been asked to deliver a workshop in Egypt to support those caught up on all sides of these tensions based around the child trauma-healing film, Out of the Shadows, and the peace-building Red Top, Blue Top.