With Johnie McGlade and children in Rwada

With Johnie McGlade and children in Rwanda

Hamish is Seamus’s replacement figure, and, like his predecessor, has clocked up a great many air miles, helping No Strings share our mission with children, NGOs, and local partners in various parts of the world (above, with No Strings patron Neil Morrissey, in Herat, Afghanistan).

While it was difficult to accurately pin down Seamus’s identity, Hamish is clearly a hare. He might be a rabbit, but we don’t think so. Like most of our specially-made film characters, he’s a mouth puppet, and has rods attached to his arms. This makes him highly expressive, able to talk, laugh, stroke and cuddle. Anything you want, really.

Posing with children in the Philippines

Happy times, Philippines

Kids tend to go wild for him, and as the years have gone by, this shows. Don’t worry, Hamish, we’ll see what we can do with a sponge and warm water – no washing machine for you.

He may need a new set of clothes, however. Any ideas?