Scene from Tsunami: Badu, having failed to head warnings, is rescued by the Squirrel as a giant wave crashes ashore

Tsunami: Badu is rescued by the Squirrel as a giant wave sweeps inland


When an earthquake strikes, the Little Girl knows exactly how to respond. She moves away from the hut by the sea, crouches down and covers her head with the first hard object to hand – her bucket – until it’s over. The tide is going out far further than normal. Fish flap on the sand where the sea has retreated, and a joyful Badu eagerly fills his bucket. Easy pickings! Meanwhile, the other villagers flee to high ground – they known that tsunamis can be caused by earthquakes at sea, and come very fast. Badu sees the terrifying wave too late, but luckily, the Squirrel grabs him and clings to a tree as the wave crashes against them. On the hillside, the villagers want to return to their homes, but the Little Girl stops them – a tsunami is more than one wave.