Scene from Earthquake: Badu is hit on the head from badly stacked items as the tremors begin

Earthquake: Badu is whacked on the head by badly-stacked items as tremors hit


The Little Girl is shopping for essential emergency kit items. “We don’t have emergencies here!” exclaims Badu. “This is a quiet village.” Right on cue, the room starts shaking. The Little Girl does exactly what everyone should – she quickly hides under the table, hangs on to its legs and covers her head. Badu meanwhile is whacked on the head by a box he put on a top shelf earlier. Then the entire shelf. As the tremors stop, the villagers run out of their houses and gather in the street outside. They warn each other to keep well clear of buildings and electricity wires, and to stay well out in the open. Rather predictably, Badu doesn’t listen, and there’s an aftershock. Everybody ducks and covers, but Badu’s shop collapses into rubble. He’s lucky to be alive, once again.