Gender Equality


As his sister, Matthew suddenly finds Ruti's advances very frightening

As his sister, Matthew suddenly finds Ruti’s advances very frightening


The 24-Hour Challenge (Gender Equality)

Joseph and Matthew are two ordinary young school friends without a care in the world. They dream of motorbikes and cell phones and new sunglasses. They have no idea that each of their older sisters would love the same opportunity to go to school that they have. Much less, that one of them is due to marry a much older man the very next day, and the other is plagued by the attentions of a lustful and promiscuous young drunk. This time, Kibing’s ‘game show’ lesson takes the form of the 24-Hour Challenge. If each boy agrees to spend 24 hours as their sister, they can have bikes and phones to their hearts’ content. Of course, it’s not as easy as it sounds. Joseph is horrified to find he’s about to be wed the next day, and Matthew is terrified by Ruti’s menacing advances. Not only do they dislike them, but both these men carry a risk of HIV. They run away, and agree there’s only one thing for it – they should go to the police and report the harassment. But to their horror, the police don’t take them seriously at all; indeed, it’s they, as ‘girls’, who are blamed – for being out late. With the fiancé and Ruti hot on their tails, there’s only one thing to do: go back to Kibing and admit defeat, a mere 12 hours into the challenge. Changing back to boys, they realise, however, that it’s their sisters who are the real losers, for whom life can be very unjust. They form a pressure group, seeking fairness and equality for all.