What We Do

No Strings International makes films with masters of the original Muppet Show for children in emergencies around the world.

Step One: Children watch one of our puppet films, imaginatively woven around a series of life-saving messages or concepts linked to their specific wellbeing.

Step Two: Together, they invent their own stories, taking the film’s key messages and connecting with them on a profound level through puppetry and play: increasingly, we’re adapting activities for families and whole communities, too.

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Our Programmes

  • Conflict in Syria

    Trauma and Peace film projects for Syria’s children

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  • The Magic In You

    Public health & WASH, Trauma Healing and Child Protection, Haiti

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  • Tales of Disasters

    Natural Disasters Preparedness and Safety (DRR), South East Asia

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  • Chuche-Qhalin

    Landmine Awareness, Afghanistan

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  • Kibing!

    HIV and Gender Equality Awareness, Sub-Saharan Africa

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